Stretching Exercises for Pain Relief

Stretching exercises for pain relief

Stretching exercises for pain relief will greatly aid you to a more pain free way of life. So you have had a massage treatment and hopefully are able to feel some benefit from it. How can you ensure you maintain your body to prevent future pain patterns develpoing?

Massage treatments will usually involve some passive stretching techniques. The client lies still and the affected area is gently stretched.

I recommend that between sessions you do some stretching yourself at home. This greatly prolongs the benefits of a massage treatment and enables you to help yourself long term. Stretching is a great and easy way of reducing inflammation and relaxing muscles, increasing flexibility and reducing injury risks.

No equipment is needed, just the floor, a wall or a doorway and a few minutes of your time.

Alongside any relevant postural advice, I can provide an email and links so it is easy for you to remember how to do your stretches. If you can get into a routine of stretching on a regular basis, you will notice a substantial improvement in your ability to remain pain free.