A deep tissue massage with appropriate hot and cold therapies can really help a sports injury to recover.

When an injury first happens and the area with acute pain appears red and inflamed, apply a pack of ice for no more than 20 minutes at a time, to reduce the swelling and keep the injured muscle still and elevated if possible. The application of ice ‘deadens’ the nerve, thus preventing it from firing and preventing further swelling and pain. Massage at this stage would be beneficial to the surrounding soft tissues which are likely to be affected by the injured muscle.

When the swelling subsides, usually after about 48 hours, the injured area can be treated by a massage therapist, although you do need to get a doctor to have a look at it first. Heat can then also be applied, which increases the blood supply to the damaged area, needed to mend the tissue.  Heat also decreases the pain and increases the ease of movement.

The combination of these treatments will greatly speed the recovery of any sporting injury and help you to get back to your optimum performance as quickly as possible.