SomatoEmotional Release (SER) is a unique process to Upledger Craniosacral therapy which combines body and mind, unlike other therapies which tend to separate physical therapy or a talking therapy.

This is a very gentle process where the body tissues may release restrictions simultaneously with emotional restrictions. This is a highly effective way to treat any retained stress or trauma within the body. ‘Somato” is the Greek word for body.



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What happens in a session?

During a hands on treatment of Craniosacral therapy, I may pick up a suggestion from the behaviour of a client’s body tissues, that there is also an emotional link to the physical restriction. With a few gentle questions, a client may recall a memory, sensation or image associated with the original physical incident. With my hands in the correct position, I am able to help the body release both the physical and emotional element alongside each other.

Benefits of SER

SER can bring about a freedom from pain and restriction as well as greater emotional freedom. People often say they feel ‘lighter’ afterwards. Sometimes it happens straight away during the treatment and can feel dramatic, other times it can come out as a quiet realisation about something sometime afterwards.

Negative memories from the time of a trauma can be stored within the body tissues. Often physical restrictions will not release and heal effectively until an associated emotional component has released. The body tissues can be worked with at the same time as careful dialoguing to reframe any associated negative memories. This is a very effective way to properly release any chronic restrictions, which may have persisted for years as niggling pain, restrictions or emotional issues.

How does it relate to psychotherapy & counselling?

This can be a perfect complement and support to more traditional talking therapies. SER means you are able to physically process emotional issues and trauma which are held in the body tissues. This can greatly support the work of psychotherapy and counselling.

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