I have had many new clients recently with symptoms of pain or numbness in their arms and fingers which is affecting their ability to work, commonly diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or Repetitive Strain Injury. This is usually due to overly tight pectoral  muscles, which happens easily when leaning forward all the time, often to peer at a computer screen. This continual hunched forward stance allows these muscles to tighten over time, thus pinching down on nerves which travel down the arm to the fingers. Over time this posture will also lead to the ‘hunched back’ look, as these muscles gradually pull the whole shoulder girdle round to the front.

If you are having these problems, then you need to slacken off these muscles with a deep tissue massage. At home you need to do a good doorway stretch, held for at least one minute, on a daily basis. This will help prevent it from becoming a problem again, alongside improved posture whilst at the computer.