Many of the injuries and pain conditions which I treat come from incorrect exercise programmes, particularly in gyms. There seems to be a belief that the more weights, the faster running or the longer time spent rowing, the better.

The crucial thing to remember is your posture. A good postural position is essential to achieve optimum strength and stamina. Without this, you may well be using the wrong muscles and eventually something in your body will ‘give’. Bad technique, wrongly selected weights or overloading muscles already tight and weak, can cause injury.

Many of use get ‘moulded’ into a particular posture, depending on our working positions, for example, often handing over all support of the body to the ‘chair’. We spend more time working than we do moving in many occupations, and it is important to know what postural issues you have before embarking on a training programme.

A postural assessment by someone trained to do so will enable you to embark on your training with the best results. A regular deep tissue massage will ensure your body’s muscles remain in optimum condition.