Postural Assessments Brighton

A postural assessment is a good starting point in treating a client who is in some discomfort or pain. It is useful to assess how the muscles and bones are working together, where there may be some imbalances and tightness which may be affecting someone’s mobility and range of movement.  If someone has an injury to one ankle, for example, it may be affecting how they walk and consequently leading to tightness and strain further up the body in the pelvis and spine.

When the body is aligned well, it moves and distributes weight evenly. This enables it to function at its best and is less likely to incur injuries.

Skeleton shadow Holistic Massage Kneads - Lucy Dunleavy

During an assessment, the client will need to stand and walk in a relaxed manner to enable an assessment of the legs, pelvis and spine. It is best if the client can be dressed in sports shorts or underwear.  By assessing the movement and posture, any problem areas which need massage treatments can be focused upon.  Postural advice, stretching and exercises are also given. The treatment plan is bespoke to the client and will vary depending on the results of the assessment.

Anyone can benefit from a postural assessment. It is easy to build up bad postural habits from a wide range of everyday activities. Often from sitting at a desk all day and peering into a computer screen; holding children; travelling regularly on the seats of public transport; wearing bad footwear; in a hurry and adopting a ‘forward head posture’.  Over time it is easy for these habits to start taking a strain on the body and creating pain as a result.

Those people who have ongoing pain or are under-performing will benefit from having a postural assessment. Just being aware of how you move and hold yourself is half the battle, knowing what to do about it is the other half.