A good deep tissue massage can address a variety of muscular pain conditions, however, unless the source of the pain problem is identified, the pain will very likely return. Western medicine is often criticised for it’s approach of simply giving out pills to alleviate symptoms without looking for causes. However body work practitioners can sometimes  offer a never ending regime of treatments, without attempting to find the source of the problems in a similar manner. It is surprising how often people who are asked the question of “What do you think causes the problem?” intuitively know the answer but are conditioned into going for help elsewhere.

Some very common examples of everyday issues causing pain can be sleeping positions – too many pillows; sleeping on your front; too hard or too soft a mattress. Everyday habits of computer use and posture; sitting positions; leaning forward to looking at a screen; holding a phone under the chin; sitting down with a wallet in the back pocket.

A few good deep tissue massages can help to get everything moving again in a pain free manner, then people can empower themselves by taking responsibility for their habits and posture, and making improvements to their conditions, and avoid future repeats of returning pain patterns.