Deep fasciaFascia of muscles. This is the dense fibrous connective tissue that interpenetrates and surrounds the muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels of the body. Transverse fascia. Visceral fascia. – Wikipedia

A few years ago (2014) some research was done trying to investigate the role of muscles, fascia and the deeper layer of skin with pain perception.

Twelve healthy subjects were injected with a saline solution into each of these areas separately –  the erector spinae muscles of the back, the surrounding Thoracolumbar fascia and the overlying subcutis layer. Saline solution is registered as pain by nerve sensory receptors, so in this area of the body, it is felt as acute lower back pain. The pain intensity, duration and area were then measured, with some interesting results.

The fascia reacted with far more intense pain over a significantly larger area for a longer amount of time, compared to the subcutis. The muscles registered pain only very weakly and short-lived by comparison. The conclusion of this study was that the Thoracolumbar fascia may well play a more dominant role in the development and /or persistence of lower back pain than muscles.

This in turn could suggest it may well be the case for fascia throughout the body, which is very interesting for treating clients who present with pain.