A question sometimes asked is ‘Why do animals not seem to develop the same sort of muscular pains and injuries as humans do?’

A popular idea in answer to this is that we, as humans, were not originally designed to live much beyond 35-40 years old. After this age, many of us develop persistent muscular aches and pains. We now live well beyond our natural lifespan, due to great advances in hygiene and healthcare.

However our generally sedentary lifestyles and bad food choices put our bodies under unnatural strains, allowing the soft tissues to become sticky and dehydrated,  locking tight across joints which previously could move freely, and creating trigger points within muscles. This is often according to our posture or repetitive actions we put our bodies into on a daily basis, developing patterns of strain which run  through the body. In turn this can lead to debilitating pain conditions such as ‘frozen shoulders’, most common in people after the age of 40.

Regular good deep tissue massage will go a long way in helping these tight sticky soft tissues  to remain more able to slide and glide and thus help to deter the onset of muscular pain conditions.