Online Self Massage

Online self massage appointments are now available. Learn to treat yourself with a bespoke service online. This is available for treating a specific pain issue, a restriction in movement, breathing or postural alignment problems.

Your online self massage session will involve an online meeting. I will email you a link to a private Zoom meeting for a pre arranged time and day.

Your meeting with me will include an online live assessment to discover which areas may be experiencing some restrictions. I will then demonstrate and take you through step by step self help techniques to address your particular issue. You will also receive a written summary of your treatment plan, emailed to you afterwards with some easy to follow videos. Any further follow up sessions can also be arranged. You will learn to identify and treat trigger points; understand any contributing postural imbalance awareness and be given relevant exercises and stretches.

You will leave your session with a better knowledge of your body and ways you can affect it.

This is perfect for people who may not have the time to visit in person for a treatment, for someone who may be high risk or shielding, or in self isolation or lockdown. Online self massage enables you to access treatment remotely and safely.

The cost is £40 for 40 minutes, which includes a summary emailed to you afterwards including any relevant links and information.

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