Oncology Massage Brighton

Massage for cancer patients

A slow ‘lighter touch’ massage has been found to be highly beneficial for people who have or have had a cancer diagnosis, whether currently in treatment or not. A massage is adapted to accommodate the person who may have a compromised immune system and various side effects from chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Massage treatments can help with reducing anxiety, calming the mind and help to improve the quality of sleep which can so often be disrupted at this time. It helps relieve muscle soreness and improves a person’s range of movements; increases relaxation by encouraging deeper respiration and helps improve the condition of the skin which can become dehydrated with medical treatments. It can greatly complement conventional medical treatments in someone’s journey through cancer.

The length of treatment can vary greatly, depending on how a person is feeling on the day, from a few minutes to an hour.  The treatment itself can take the form of treating the whole body, or just the face and head, hands or feet, depending on the person’s needs.

I am a certified oncology massage therapist with experience in working with people living with cancer. I massage at the Macmillan Horizon Centre in Brighton as well as in my treatment room in Central Brighton.