This week I had a client who was at her wits end with with numb and tingling fingers.
We established that she had to use a computer for work for many hours a day and also enjoyed playing tennis in her spare time. Although she was feeling the discomfort in her fingers, the cause of it was originating from her overly tight pectoral muscles in her chest, which had become like this due to her posture at the computer and the tennis playing. Tight muscles in this area can clamp down on to a nerve which comes out of the spinal cord and travels down the arm to the hand, which is why it is felt in this area.
We have embarked upon a series of treatments aiming to loosen off the muscles in this area which will in turn release the constriction on the nerve and stop the finger sensations. She will also be able to help herself by regularly holding a good stretch to these muscles to prevent them locking down again. Once the muscle has properly released it will also be far more effective in its resulting actions and her tennis playing should improve too!