What is mouthwork?

When appropriate and beneficial to a client, I may suggest this technique. Using an extremely light touch, I work inside the mouth to encourage any tissue release. I wear gloves for this technique. It is a very relaxing and gentle experience, certainly nothing like a visit to the dentist!

Tension can be stored in the mouth just like any other body area. Muscles can tighten, joints have less room to move, nerves may be irritated or compressed. Pain and dysfunction may result, affecting not just the mouth but the entire body.



Benefits of mouthwork

Tension can build up over time in the mouth, throat and neck. Often this tension has a source far from someone’s head. This often manifests as problems with the TMJ (jaw hinge), teeth grinding, face pain, tinnitus, headaches and migraines.

In addition historical orthodontist work may have ceated tension in the tissues and structures of the face and jaw.

Craniosacral therapy