Fascia is a substance running throughout our bodies, providing pockets within itself for all muscles, bones, vessels ,nerves and organs. New fascia within our bodies is constantly being laid down  by moving cells, leaving trails of it in their wake.

In a healthy body this takes the form of a lattice shape, which is springy and strong – a bit like one of those bags which packs of onions come in from the supermarket. This fascia is able to move around easily and bounce back to it’s desired shape.

In a body which sees no exercise, this fascia is laid down in knots and lumps, twisted and disorganised, which is unable to move much and has very little ‘springyness’ or movement. This in turn prevents our muscles and hence limbs from also moving as they should.

It is very important to keep our bodies moving by some kind of exercise and stretching, to keep our fascia in a healthy state to help prevent immobility and resulting pain.

But don’t worry, its never too late to start! Any existing knots and lumps in the fascia can be helped with myofascial massage, and coupled with a gentle exercise regime, new fascia should be laid down over time in a better organised way and you should feel able to move more flexibly and without pain.