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To discuss your requirements, book a massage appointment or purchase a gift voucher, please contact Lucy on 07870 137724 or 01273 696858. If you get voicemail please leave a message and Lucy will get back to you the moment she is free. Opening hours are Monday to Friday only, not weekends. The treatment room is situated in my home in Stanley Road, Preston Circus area, Central Brighton, (next to the Duke of Yorks cinema) with on-street pay and display parking, or the Vantage Point and London Road car parks are 5 minutes walk away.

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As a result of these new times we find ourselves in, your treatments have had to adapt to keep both you and your therapist as safe as possible. I have outlined below what you can expect when you book in for a treatment with me:


  • On booking in a session, you will have some forms emailed to you which I need you to complete and send back to me. These forms will ask you questions about your recent health and medical history for new clients.
  • New clients will have an online consultation a few days prior to their appointment which will last approximately 15 minutes. Existing clients will have a check in with me either online or by phone a few days prior their appointment. We can go through your requirements for the treatment at this time.
  • Payment: I am asking everyone to pay in advance online or bring the exact cash in an envelope to your treatment.


  • On the day of your appointment I would like you to arrive at the basement door, on time. I won’t be able to let you in if you are early as I will be deep cleaning and airing the room in between clients.
  • Please can you come straight to your appointment, not via the shops etc. Please bring the minimum amount of things with you, but do bring your own water bottle.
  • I will open the door to you and be wearing a facemask, face shield and apron. This will go a long way in protecting both of us as much as is possible. All this will be renewed between each client.
  • I would like you to wear a face covering, but when you are lying face down on the table you may remove it if you prefer. I do ask you to wear one for when you may be lying on your side or back.
  • I will ask you to please leave your shoes just inside the door and to place your belongings into a large box in the treatment room.
  • Your hands-on treatment on the table will be 45 minutes, as complying with UK Government guidelines. Your overall care time still will add up to an hour when you factor in the consultation and aftercare.
  • I am not permitted to currently do any treatment on the head or face, but necks and other areas are fine. I may use the sidelying position a bit more than before as this is safer and we can successfully do many treatments from this position.
  • Talking should be kept to the minimum, so anything to do with the treatment is fine, but I will discourage general chitchat for now!


  • After your treatment I can provide advise and homecare. I can go through this with you outside the house, weather permitting, or if you prefer I can call you later on in the day.
  • 7 days after your appointment I will be phoning you to check in with you and I will be asking whether you are still symptom free of the virus.
  • I will be keeping written records and will be complying with the UK Test and Trace.


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Address: Stanley Rd, Preston Circus, Brighton, BN1 4NJ

Phone: 07870 137724  or 01273 696858

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Business Hours: 8:30am-6:30pm Monday-Friday

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