Our bodies are filled with a lattice shaped substance called fascia, which looks like a giant 3D cobweb. It surrounds all organs, muscles, nerves, everything. It travels as one solid fabric, in lines running from head to toes. As a result, if affected at one end of the body, can have repercussions right up at the far end of the body. A bit like a giant tablecloth which if snagged in one corner, generates resulting lines of snagging towards the other corner.

Fascia can get tight in the same way muscles do, stick itself together when under pressure and not glide smoothly when it has had some kind of trauma, and over longterm can affect your posture and cause chronic pain conditions.  A treatment using myofascial release techniques can address this and over a course of treatments persuade the fascia back to a more springy moving substance and so improving posture and diminishing any associated pain.

'The Matrix' 50x60cm £420

‘The Matrix’ 50x60cm £420