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Your Vital Psoas Muscles

Your psoas muscles are the most vital in your body. Whatever you do, you use your psoas muscles. They connect your torso to your legs, and affect your posture.  So whether you are walking, dancing, climbing, biking, or simply sitting down, your psoas is involved. The...

Avoid Ankle Pain

Avoid Ankle Pain

Your ankle is a hugely important part of your body when it comes to moving around, whether it's walking, running or jumping of some kind. We all want to avoid ankle pain. However ankle injuries seem to be a common occurrence, which result in much pain and a long and...

Deep Tissue Massage Benefits

Do you have pain from sore tight muscles? Is your flexibility and movement limited? Do you feel anxious or stressed on a regular basis? There are many deep tissue massage benefits for most people. If your body is continually under strain or you have had some kind of...

Standing Tall

Can you stand up for a reasonable amount of time without aching and pain? Standing tall can make the difference between pain and comfort. If after a while your shoulders ache, or your back starts to hurt, or perhaps behind your knees, then chances are that your...

Breathing Correctly Reduces Anxiety

Do you breathe correctly? This is crucial to reduce anxiety. Many people don't and this can make us feel very tired - it takes much more energy to breathe badly. If you find you hold your breath, or your breathing is irregular, this will have an adverse affect on you....

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