People tend to think the worst when experiencing back pain. Worries about slipped discs, arthritis, displaced vertebrae etc are common.

Very often though, back pain is nothing more than myofascial trigger points. Pain in your low back can come from surprising places. Stomach muscles, buttock muscles or even lower leg muscles can be a source. These trigger points will refer pain away from their source, and up into the lower back. Often treatment for back pain fails when trigger points are not considered as a possible cause.

Getting rid of back pain is often simpler than most people realise. Many people are anxious by the fear of pinched nerves, ruptured discs, or arthritis, when there is a good chance the pain felt is coming from myofascial trigger points. In fact it is usually the resulting muscle tension from these trigger points which can cause the vertebrae to move out of alignment and thus causes compression of nerves and discs.

The only time deep spinal muscles are relaxed (except when lying down) is when you stand perfectly straight, with weight evenly distributed. So any careless posture will result in these muscles becoming severely overworked. Slouching; rounded hunched shoulders; a forward head posture are all positions of stress for these muscles.

I seem to have had a huge amount of people recently needing remedial massage treatments for lower back pain. This is often a result of lifting heavy objects whilst reaching forward, for example pulling out heavy shopping from the boot of a car. This puts enormous strain on your gluteal (buttock) muscles which can seize up as a result, and leave you unable to move. If you need to lift anything heavy it is a good idea to manoeuvre it so that you are over the object and not leaning forward. You can then lift with your back straight and bend your knees.

If you are reading this post too late and you are in pain from this, then rest assured it is easily treatable with a deep tissue massage.