The vast majority of clients who come to me for treatments, do so because of chronic overloading of muscles in work situations. There are many exciting sounding labels for these, such as ‘repetitive strain’, ‘carpal tunnel’, ‘occupational myalgia’, and many others. All these terms just mean that a group of muscles have been overworked beyond their endurance for a period of time.

The trigger points created by these work situations can be addressed with deep tissue massage techniques, however, they will come straight back if the conditions which brought them on in the first place are not dealt with. Awkward body positions will cause strain on the muscles. A large amount of furniture is designed for appearance instead of support.  Car seats, train seats, aeroplane seats are all candidates for muscle strain. Chairs and computers at work have a lot to answer for, and I have never found a sofa which allows a good seating position. Heavy bags, wallets in back pockets which then get sat upon, will all cause problems.

Being aware of potential dangers is half the battle. Being mindful of a good comfortable posture means you can adapt badly designed furniture to a certain degree. If I have to travel on a train, I will always wedge a coat behind me to allow a better seating position. Computer positions can be altered. Perhaps a wedge on the car seat will elevate your hips enough to be above the knee level. Small changes can make a huge difference in terms of myofascial pain.