Trigger points are a major cause of pain within our bodies. Many people grimly live with very real pain which has often been misdiagnosed as something else, or had it categorized as imaginary. The knot-like characteristics of trigger points have been written about for over 150 years, and their ability to displace pain has been known about since 1938.

Trigger points can develop in any of our muscles and if left untreated can last as long as a lifetime. Even after death they can be detected in the muscle until rigor mortis sets in. If sitting in a muscle in a ‘latent’ form, ie, not actively causing any pain, they can accumulate over years and be a major cause of stiffness and joint immobility as we age.  These latent trigger points can easily be activated to cause pain by very little stress, the classic ‘straw which breaks the camel’s back’ scenario, when the smallest of movements has caused you to suddenly have your back seize up for example.

Latent trigger points  are exquisitely painful when pressed on and so easily found if you have a massage treatment. This is why regular treatments really do make an enormous difference to someone’s ability to have a life pain free and with the best of possible mobility.